Zoonix MCN Partnership

Zoonix MCN Partnership
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Zoonix MCN Partnership

Zoonix MCN is a new Canada based MCN with unique approach to its partners.

This June, Thomas Allen created Zoonix, a YouTube multi-channel network that works with a number of creators on multiple platforms, providing them with the tools they need to grow their brand and audience. They offer unique tools to make sure their subscribers become successful, and its staff is located in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and they can answer all your questions and help your channel grow faster. Here is a link to their contacts: http://zoonix.tv/contact/

Although it is a relatively new thing, Zoonix is a fast-growing multichannel network. Unlike other YouTube networks whose staff is always busy, the Zoonix team is almost always there to answer your questions. Their users can reach them either via email or Skype, and the Zoonix support team will provide them with all the information they need. Also, since the Zoonix team knows what you need when you run a YouTube channel, they provide all resources to help your channel grow faster. In addition to all this, Zoonix offers exclusive sponsorship, royalty free music, and high-quality content, no copyrighted content or strikes.

Check more detailed features on this page: http://zoonix.tv/requirements/

Furthermore, it’s more organized when compared to other networks, and since there is no threshold, you can be paid for everything that you have earned for a month. And when it comes to the contract, they offer a no-lock contract so that if you want to leave for any reason, it will not be a problem.

Here is the features in a nutshell:

  • Channel types: there are all types of channels
  • Perks: Referral System, Kontrol Freek Sponsorship and Epoxy
  • Contact Length: no lock-in
  • Requirements: there are no requirements
  • Grade: B+
  • Revenue Share: 70-95+%

For those who want to create own subnetwork

There are four Network Tiers here: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each one has its own requirements, and they mostly differ in terms of the number of views and the time spent with Zoonix.

What do partners say about Zoonix?

Zoonix has a score of 100 best subscribers on a YouTube list, so it means that its development is fast. Also, according to the network ranks for the last 30 days, Zoonix has about 407,000 subscribers and about 200 million network views.

This is what some of their partners say about them: “It works very well!” “Awesome”, or “I may be a small channel but this has made me consider signing up for this network”.

Therefore, most of the users are satisfied with this network. They are mostly interested in the offers like Zoonix Dashboard Tutorials, games and music fields.

All this explains why it is claimed to be the fastest-growing multichannel network so far and why so many people trust it.



  • ZenGameplays

    im just joined the network , when it comes my payment i will rate it , for now i been having some problems with one of his subnetworks owner

    • PotOfThrones

      Why would you work via subnetwork. It’s always more reliable to get direct partnership, isnt’ it?

  • هانى نجم

    هانى نجم

  • james

    where is the application link ?
    does this network still work ?

  • Alex Alexander

    i need to speak with someone in connection to my contract, i am having no luck getting anyone to speak to me. i have had no money from my youtube videos and i don’t understand why? can anyone tell me how i get hold of these people?

  • Pashons Ror

    Which MCN Give Direct Partnership For Youtube Channel? Thanks