Youtube Tags

Youtube Tags
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Your guide to Youtube tags and how to use them – 2015

I’m pretty sure if you’re looking at this, your probably wondering a lot of things. What even ARE Youtube tags? When do I use them? How do I use them? Well, I’m here to give you a quick rundown on Youtube Tags, so that you can have an understanding of them by the time you finish this.

Youtube tags are certain keywords that are part of the content inside the video that the makers use to help viewers find the videos they want to watch without having to type the entire title of the video or getting videos that have nothing to do with what they want to watch. Tags are NOT the title of the video itself. Tags are also NOT the catogary of the video. Tags are not visible to viewers.

Tags also used to find similar videos you might be interested in. The videos that are in the ‘Recommended’ section of your screen are also chosen based on the tags on the video(s) you’ve been watching.

Now onto the exciting part of this guide:

How to use Youtube tags.

So, by this point, you’ve probably made a video, and had it loaded up on Youtube, and your in the part of the video-making processes at the very end where your making a title and a description. Below that, there is a small box that asks you to put any tags you might have for your video. This is the point where you think back to your awesome video. Let’s imagine for a second that you’ve just made a cool animated video about dinosaurs and the way they lived before they went extinct. Some examples of tags would be: Dinosaurs, Animation, Learning,…ect.
While tags are good for placing your video where people wanting to watch your video can find it, make sure to use the tags correctly. Make sure you aren’t tagging your video wrong. Examples of bad tags for the above mentioned video: Real Life, Parody, Comedy, Awesome Dynamite, Pranks,…ect. Make sure when tagging not to tag wrong on purpose for the hope of more views, it’s a mean thing to do and causes confusion and anger for people who are trying to find other videos that have nothing to do with yours. More likely then not, someone will report you and Youtube will get involved.

Now that you know all about Youtube tags, go forth in the world of Youtube and have a blast using them in your new videos!.