VSP Group Partnership

VSP Group Partnership
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WSP is also called affiliate, VSP Group by the people “GSP Group”, and it is still called TopBeatyBlog.

Connect to WSP affiliate
In this article, we will focus on the following:

VSP Partnership (VSP Group) – overview

Official requirements for connection to the WSP affiliate (VSP Group)

Informal requirements for connecting the channel to the GSP (as of this writing)

What WSP paying affiliate (VSP Group)

What kind of YouTube channels are connected to the WSP affiliate (VSP Group)

How to connect the channel to the WSP (VSP)
VSP Group Network – overview

Do not you understand what I mean? Read “What is YouTube affiliate”

One of the largest affiliate programs on YouTube, focused mainly on the Russian-speaking market (most channels in the CIS and foreign countries). There she works alongside other YouTube affiliate program, which we have already written: AIR, QuizGroup, Iricom second largest market for the company is now Europe. To win the US it, for obvious reasons, not possible. The number of channels in the affiliate according SocialBlade currently 8052. In fact, the channel several times more as YouTube CMS they have no one (that is YouTube CMS and YouTube affiliate).

Monthly views on the canals of the Medianet (SocialBlade) – 370 000 000. In fact – several times more.

The company is a certified aggregator of content YouTube. This status YouTube Certified means that the company’s specialists, in theory, have the skills to successfully help develop kreatoram YouTube channels. In practice – they give advice, which can be found in the YouTube Creators Playbook.

The main office of WSP affiliate is located in Israel. On the other offices have not yet heard. If you have heard something – write in the comments or on site.


Official requirements for connection to the VSP Partnership:

You are older than 14 years (payment of opportunities for persons older than 18 years. If the partner has not reached the age of 18, an agreement is made to the parent or guardian)
Your channel has more than 1 month
You create videos and copyright do not violate the copyright of others, this applies to both the video and audio materials
Your channel has a positive reputation on YouTube
At least 10 video clips on the channel

Informal requirements for connecting the channel to the GSP (as of the writing of this article):

Stop 5-channel video, even if they are not yours.
No copyright videos will also work
Your age is not checked
If there is a strike on the channel – you will not be able to take in any affiliate program.

VSP Group payment. How much do they pay

Aux pays Sekhem Revsher, like all other affiliate. Official working conditions as follows:

70% pay – up to 500,000 impressions commercial channel per month
75% pay – from 500,000 to 1,000,000 impressions commercial channel per month
80% of the 1,000,000 platyat- commercial shows on the channel in a month
Terms and views – views it, which was produced advertising. Most likely, your channel, they make 30% of the total number of views.

Here is the payout in your account this mediasetki:

GSP Group example payments
GSP Group example payments
Payments are made monthly VSP, delays for the time of working with them have been reported


VSP Network reviews

In general, speak about this company is good. Yes, and we have for the time of work with no problems. Maintenance is working properly. Sure to quality companies such as Virgin it is still far, but + – try. Still a lot depends on how your channel will be of interest to them. The other, if you display a little something to do with you and will be more than a channel, which has 1 million subscribers.

Here is an example of positive feedback about the VSP Group:


Positive opinion of the GSP Group 1
Positive opinion of the GSP Group 1
In general GSP Group respond positively
In general GSP Group respond positively

And here is an example of a negative opinion on the WWW:

Negative review about GSP Group
Negative review about GSP Group

What kind of YouTube channels are connected to the WSP affiliate (VSP Group):

Partners GSP
TOP – 20 channels of affiliate WSP (VSP)

How to connect the channel to the WSP (VSP)

You go to the site affiliate WSP https://youpartnerwsp.com/

wsp affiliate
wsp affiliate
Incidentally, the monthly attendance of their site – about 700,000 visits.

Right on the site you’ll see the button “Submit”:

wsp affiliate
wsp affiliate
Presses on it, and get to the check box of the channel:

wsp affiliate
wsp affiliate
At this stage, the analysis of your statistics, do not worry that you are asked to access the channel. As it is written, it is necessary to check that you are the owner and obtaining internal channel analytics.

After checking to see the following message:

“The application has been sent. Answer managers of acceptance or rejection takes 72 hours, and if during this period has not come to you the answer to this email, please contact the. support. All applications are processed as they become available. Please check as well, and the spam mail boxes and youtube channel at youtube.com/messages?filter=all&highlights=False&tab=spam, because sometimes emails get it there. ”

To connect the channel must wait 3oe days, but often the connection takes one day.

After the approval of your mail a letter with the data to activate your personal account and will need to confirm the invitation to the YouTube channel.

Here is the Personal account of GSP Affiliate

GSP affiliate private office
GSP affiliate private office.