VidIQ review

VidIQ review
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VidIQ review: How to attract more YouTube followers

Many companies and video makers stumble upon the problem connected with lack of followers’ engagement. Even the high-quality content gives you no guarantee that thousands of people will subscribe your account in the nearest future. Unfortunately, it’s not like pushing a button. The success of the channel depends on its proper optimization. Perhaps, you have been already using the YouTube promotion tips: to put the main tag into the title, to write a detailed description and to interact with the audience, but it still can be not enough.

VidIQ service comes to the rescue: this marketing tool will help you analyze your account and figure out how to increase the number of views and followers. The program and the additional extension for Google Chrome offer you a plenty of efficient solutions that will help you enlarge your authority in YouTube and become the prominent figure in this network.

Track your channel statistics

The first thing that catches eye after a quick registration is the stats tab. As it is seen in the picture, VidIQ monitors the demographics and helps to allocate the target audience. Besides, the service shows:

  • Channel development chart (number of views, shares, searches, likes, etc.).
  • Tendencies of the account development;
  • Videos’ position in the search;
  • The most viewed videos stats;

Manage your videos in one click

On the VidIQ dashboard, you can overview your videos and adjust their title, description or add the other tags to them. This is much more convenient than a long and boring editing process one by one. Also, the useful option is sorting by date, likes or views quantity and the other parameters:

Reconsider your standard tag kit

Do you know that 58% of your viewers found your channel through YouTube search and related videos tab? But if SEO optimization leaves much to be desired, here will appear a problem. Even the people who were interested in the information you provide them with by your videos will simply not see them at all. To cope with this issue you should tag the content otherwise.

VidIQ’s SEO tool helps you to fill the description with relevant keywords according to YouTube search trends analysis. The program will select up to 50 frequent collocations which you will be able to attach to the video.

How the autocompletion feature works:

VidIQ is also able to determine tags for a non-existing content. Its prediction is based on the search queries which became popular recently but failed. This fact gives you a chance to cover the topic in a new video to satisfy the majority of those users and get more subscribers this way.

Download an additional Google Chrome plugin for free

If you’re Google Chrome user, you can install VidIQ free extension to analyze not only your channel’s video but any submitted video on YouTube. There is also an opportunity to spot the keywords which the top accounts have attached to their content and even to copy them. Also, this plug-in indicates the video’s position in the search results page.

With the extension, you can simultaneously paste annotations or cards from one video to all of them as well as to edit title and description in selected videos or to feature the one.

The difference between the basic, pro and boost plan

Basic VidiQ has limited functionality and includes only basic statistics in the web suite and video scorecard in Google Chrome extension. It can be not enough for an experienced publisher because practically all the optimization job is left to the customer.

It is recommended to buy pro account for more efficient work with the keywords. You will learn more about competitors and top network users by exploring the additional options of the service as the: Keyword Research Tool, historical analysis, the chart with top trending videos. That’s all about the plugin. In the web suite, you will be able to operate your description campaigns and to define the best time of day for posting.

The more useful features you get the higher is the price. Boost plan seems to be perfect but requires an imposing fee. VidIQ Keyword Recommendation Engine starts working only here as well as bulk SEO optimizations. The website offers customers to try the new Enterprise version of their program, but it is better not to imagine how much will it cost. There is no opportunity to get the discount or use some promo code to get it cheaper or even for free so far. Nevertheless, even the basic plan is a huge step forward for any YouTube user and will become a great aide of yours.

VidIQ vs Tubebuddy: which one is better?

The high fee for the advanced versions of VidIQ encourages looking for alternatives. Is there some service that provides you with a great variety of features at more affordable prices?

Tubebuddy is pretty similar to VidIQ. Both extensions have a bunch of common features as the competitors tracking, SEO optimization assistance, advanced video embeds, annotation or card handling and so on.

The main difference between extensions is that Tubebuddy was made for quick channel management in the first place. It has many optimization options too, but VidiQ is really focused on it. By the way, both services offer a wide range of qualitative tools.

When it comes to the pricing, Tubebuddy seems a win-win choice. The most expensive version costs about $30 per month while VidiQ’s boost plan requires $49 and more.

But why should you choose between them without trying out? There are many bloggers and brands that use both programs. For example, VidIQ is great because of its extra video data and Tubebuddy is doing well with a bulk card and annotations adjustment.

Our advice: do not throw your money into the unknown and check out the basic versions functionality of VidiQ and Tubebuddy first. It should be enough to find out which one is more suitable for your purposes. Anyway, there are no winners and every program is worth considering.