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TubeBuddy Review

TubeBuddy is one of the best YouTube tools that will enhance your youtube experience.

TubeBuddy – a new step in the automation of operations on the site The development YTHelper attended by real professionals – production traffic from YouTube, so you can only enjoy the convenience of the interface, and a huge selection of features, which has YTHelper


This software consists of a processor to automate actions in
Tube Buddy has a very large number of functions , details of which will be itemized below.
So, the software itself is divided into tabs:

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Program updates are free of charge within 180 days after purchase.
After that time, the cost of renovation for six months – $ 20
Since the video service YouTube periodically makes some changes to their algorithms, we guarantee you free updates for 180 days after purchase.
But the constant refinement of the program and the support of health require certain financial expenses. In this regard, program updates are not free. But believe me, if you use YTHelper, these costs will be paid back many times!

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There is information on all accounts added to the program. You can check their status, set the connection settings, such as proxy or authorization for the proxy, and see the statistics on the account, which is collected by the program.
Also, through the “View” menu on the top panel, you can enable / disable visibility of all columns (such as “Password”, for example), unless they are of value for you.
In addition, you can manually adjust the width of each column, when you close the program settings will be saved and will be loaded at the next startup. On this tab, you can also import / export accounts, customize campaigns – grouped accounts..

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