Scalelab Partnership

Scalelab Partnership
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In case you are a proud YouTube channel owner, chances are you know something about multi-channel networks. But choosing the right network might be challenging if you are new to this. In this review we’ll l talk about Scalelab media network (Scale Lab Affiliate) and what makes it good or bad when it comes to partnership system, earnings and payments and other aspects. No matter if you make gaming videos or showcase your pranks, make all kinds of reviews or tutorials, this might be interesting to you. So is there a chance to get more action on your dashboard, as well as better cpm rates? Read on and decide if Spacelab is the right mcn for you.

Scalelab review in general

Scalelab is a relatively young MCN (multi-channel network) based in United States that offers decent support to all those YouTube users that get interested with its affiliate program. One of the biggest advantages it provides is an access to a YouTube premium account features that will allow you to get any help you need with your channel customization and optimization. Your own database of useful tools and apps are also a big perk.

Apart from everything else, Scalelab offers regular webinars and training programs intended to help you with your channel promotion and attraction of subscribers.

Earnings and Payments

With Spacelab, you get several options for earning money. You can monetize videos you post, become a member or a referral or a recruiting program, place Scalelab partners’ ads or just use it to promote your own business or services. While most channels choose one or two options that suit them best, you can use all of the above to increase your earnings.

Scalelab provides a flexible system of income distribution: though the basic share rate is 35/65, you can get up to 90% of income as your channels develops and acquires more subscribers, views and general populrity.  There is a variety of payment methods, from Payoneer (minimum withdrawal amount $ 20) to PayPal, QIWI, Yandex. Money, Dwolla or ePayments (minimum withdrawal amount $1). Direct bank transfers are available for US citizens only. Scalelab no longer supports payments via WebMoney.

You can toggle your payment preferences any time in your personal Scalelab account settings: just choose the payment method you prefer to use to  withdraw your earnings. At the end of each month they do some accounting and in case your channel gained the minimum amount required (which is $100), you’ll get paid within next 30 days.

They claim they offer high cpm (as probably any multi-channel network would), though in fact, your cpm rates may vary depending on the time of the year, your audience and your channel type and content.

Channel requirements

You don’t have to be a top YouTube user to join the Scalelab network, but they won’t accept your partnership request unless you have at least 250 subscribers, no less than 6 000 views in last calendar month and a properly customized channel interface. They don’t accept channels that have a history of YouTube rules/copyright violation and you have to bear in mind that using cheats to drive traffic to your channel is the right way to get banned from the network. So, as long as your channel meets all the above-mentioned requirements and if you plan to keep your YouTube presence active, you are good to go. Oh, and one more thing: your channel content must be 100% original.

Customer support

Scalelab network offers a large community of channels worldwide and a team of media professionals that are ready to answer any question within 10 hours. They provide an overall decent support when it comes to stolen content and copyright issues.  In case you faced an issue like this, you can be sure they will help you keep all fishy guys seeking to feed off of your works away from your channel.  Customer service is well organized: you can call or email Scalelab team any time and they usually respond rather quickly.

Scalelab Dashboard

As soon as you sign in with your Scalelab account, you get access to your Scalelab dashboard.  The first two words that come into mind when seeing it are efficient and user-friendly. The dashboard includes several pages like Homepage, Earnings page, Statistics page and Apps page. Homepage displays basic information on your account and your activity during the last 30 days. Earnings page allows you to see how well you did financially over the last month, compare it to your last month revenue and view your cpm rate for the current month. Statistics page offers detailed information on everything that was going on on your channel this current month, from number of views and subscribers to amount of shares and comments. Apps page gives you access to all apps that are free of charge for all Scalelab affiliates (like tubebuddy, spreadshirt, epidemic sound, epoxy and others).  Apart from all of the above, Scalelab dashboard offers a variety of other useful tools that will make your experience with Scalelab easy and meaningful.

To sum up

In conclusion, I’d like to say that, despite all the ‘Scalelab vs freedom’ rants, Scalelab network offers its affiliates a wide choice of partnership possibilities. While revenue share rates may not look like the most tempting ones, you have to take into account the great support and feedback they offer, not to mention all the free premium apps you get to use. This review was created for informational purposes and it is up to you to decide just how good or bad this YouTube channel network is. Still, it’s safe to say that Scalelab is a totally legit mcn that will help you improve your cpm rates (and therefore, your earnings). It may not be good for total newbies, but in case you’ve already got some taste of things on YouTube, you’ll enjoy the payments safety, easy to use dashboard and general service team helpfulness.