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RPM Partnership
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RPM Network Partnership

RPM Partnership is a YouTube network designed to help aspiring content creators grow their audience and boost their YouTube channels. The company, whose name stands for “Record. Promote. Monetize.,” is one of many YouTube networks that work to support the development of online content creators through premium advertisement and other audience boosting features and support. Because it is part of Maker Studios, RPM is able to offer more resources and services for different levels of channel development.

Some of the benefits advertised for those considering joining RPM are access to a dedicated support team, access to royalty free music and sound effects, full transparency for YouTube analytics and access to Dashboard, which acts as a homebase for channels in order to streamline activity, access analytics and maximize potential.

Realistically, joining RPM Partnership is essentially joining Maker Studios, as the two work together to support YouTube content creators.

RPM Partnered Channels

The main genres of the RPM network parallel those of Maker Studies. The genres include gaming and sports, life and style, family and entertainment. Some of the more popular channels include “Angry Video Game Nerd” and “Iman Crosson.”

Maker.TV also offers channels that include action sports, animonster and animation all the way to tech, travel and streetwear.

It is difficult to pin down whether or not there is one particular kind of channel that RPM Partnership  and Maker Studios prefers, as they are vague in their requirements to join the network, and do not show preference on their websites.

RPM Network Requirements to Join

Attempting to join RPM Partnership through their website leads users directly to the Maker Gen website, where users are able to apply to join the Maker Gen community.

The RPM requirements of joining are pretty elusive, and most of the information comes from users who have tried to join and have shared their experiences online. However, according to several blogs, the official requirements for joining the RPM network is to have a channel garnering 84 views daily and at least 2,500 views per month, but this is not verified anywhere on the site. In any case, RPM is not designed to get content creators off the ground, but is there as a support system for users who already have an established YouTube presence.

RPM Payment and CPM

Understanding the CPM payment systems requires a basic understanding of CPM, which is how YouTube pays its users. CPM is the “cost per thousand.” or the price paid for 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage.

Once again, nowhere does RPM or Maker Studies specifically clarify what it is they intend to pay members of the network or the exact revenue share model that they operate. However, by piecing together various information both through their website and from partner experiences, the following is a general overview of the PRM payment.

RPM Partnership  payment works through Maker Studios, which follows the same payment schedule as YouTube. This also means there is a 30/70 split, meaning 70 cents to the dollar on everything earned goes to the user. They also are said to offer $1 CPM, which is considered by many users not to be worth the effort to join RPM YouTube network, as it is no better than that offered by YouTube partners. Furthermore, RPM and Maker Studies warn that payments are variable, based on country of residency, content classification and audience volume.

However, earnings transparency is a huge bonus, and one of the features that sets RPM apart from other YouTube networks. Users are still able to access their YouTube analytics.

So is RPM Partnership good network to partner with?

RPM Partnership is ultimately there to provide support to YouTube content creators and help develop and grow channels. While they suggest that the user is their number one priority, it is still a business looking out for number one. This does not mean, but any stretch of the imagination, that they are not geared toward helping the user, but it is important to remember that they also have to make a profit.

Ultimately, the decision to join the RPM YouTube network is up to the user, and should be based on whether or not the level of support offered is worth relinquishing some of your control and ultimately possible monetary gain.

Not eery channel needs a network, and it depends on the needs of the channel and whether or not the benefits of support and community are worth the cost and a potentially lower payment.
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