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Quizgroup Partnership
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Quiz Group Partnership overview

One of the oldest affiliate programs on YouTube, working since 2010, the GSP has airs and was not in sight.

Go to site Quiz Group affiliate.

All of the media grid quiz
Quiz Group affiliate
In this article you will learn the following:

Overview of the Quiz Group affiliate

Quiz Group – conditions for connecting channel

What pays Quiz Group affiliate

How to connect to the channel Quiz Group

Overview of the Quiz Group Network

If you do not know what affiliate program and how to select, read our article on YouTube affiliate

Quiz group – one of the oldest affiliate programs on YouTube, working since 2010, yet the GSP (WSP Group) and airs (Agency of Internet Rights) was not in sight.

On the territory of the CIS is the largest media network, which includes a huge number of connected channels (more than 60,000). On these channels over the last month generated an astronomical number of views – 3 billion.

This affiliate is active in all markets, including the so called ’emerging markets’. Represented in all countries, but high-quality channels, mainly from the CIS. Among them, Drink, Masha and bears. Quiz – multifaceted affiliate. There are many channels of copyright, but even more YouTube channels that perezalivat video. Probably the best option if you have just such a channel. Banitsya video will rarely, problems with payments almost never happens.

This is a screenshot of the SocialBlade channels of affiliate:

Quiz Group Partners
Top 20 partners Quiz Group affiliate

QuizGroup Reviews

Based on our experience with Kvizrupp guys are good. They pay on time, stable, the percentage still quite high, and the problem with them is not there. Our editorial board had a good opinion about this affiliate. If you like to these your internet, you can find both good and bad judgment. On taste we selected for you a few of these estimates.

Here’s a review of the specific person gated community:


Quiz Group requirements for connecting channel

Both official and unofficial Quiz Group affiliate to connect to it any channels in any quantity. To do this, you will need only YouTube channel and details for payment. For users with the CIS ideal WebMoney.

We would, nevertheless, have advised that the channel has already been a couple of videos and at least 1,000 views.


What are the earnings at Quiz Group partner program

Standard payout percentage from 80% Quiz Group-

If you have a steep channel, feel free to contact tech support to dogovaritsya and bargain with them. Affiliate interested in monetizing your content, so that all vashiz hands.

Recently quiz began to pay up to the 16th of the following month, which can not but rejoice. The benefits are the same as the other companions that we have overlooked.

More can earn a referral program Quiz Group affiliate. All those whom you invite to a multi-channel network Quiz Group will bring you 10% of the share Quiz Group, ie the affiliate will receive from it 10%, and 10% will be given to you. Those whom you invited to the affiliate will receive as well as all 80%.

Recall that about other affiliate referral system, we wrote in the Review and affiliate AIR WSP Group affiliate
Connecting channel

Connecting passageway automatically and fairly quickly.

Go to the site and choose where to “YouTube” or simply click on this link or by clicking on the picture

Click and go to the site quiz Group

Come verification

If you choose to connect to the quiz and you like our project to review affiliate – get a plus in karma, and use this link to register.

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    It’s scam

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    Don’t join, it’s all a sham. Whatever contract you sign, they secretly add a few years trapping you and making you not even want to do videos anymore. Vultures are disgusting.