QQTube review

QQTube review

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QQTube review
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Fair review of QQTube

QQTube is an online company which provides YouTube services. Basically, QQTube sells YouTube views. What does YouTube views mean? Everytime you upload a video to your YouTube account, you can see how many views your video has. The bigger view number, the more famous your video is. QQTube helps you to get the high view number. You can easily buy YouTube views from QQTube and then wait untill the magic works. After you bought a number of YouTube views, your video may become viral. Many people will soon share it to another, and, finally, your video will get a better rank from Google and other search engines.

QQTube prices and plans

Here we will place prices and plans for this online service

QQTube voucher code

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The Normal and Retention Views Services

Based on the view duration, there are two kinds of YouTube views services that are offered by QQTube. They are normal and retention views. A normal view is when the viewer watches the video only for a glimpse and then closes the website or moves to watch another video. The retention view is when a viewer spends a longer time to watch the video. Not necessarily untill the end of the video, but a lot longer than a glimpse.
QQTube retention views service offers up to 90% of the video length, depends on how long the video is. Clearly, if the number of retention view is high, the video is considered to be good and attractive. Therefore, it is more profitable for you to invest your money in retention view service. Moreover, QQTube charges retention view service only slightly more expensive than the normal view service.

The Geo-Targeted View Service

Based on the location of the viewer, there are two kinds of YouTube services that are offered by QQTube. First is the worldwide view. It’s the kind of service that provides views from people around the world. The second is the geo-targeted view. This service promises you that you will get views only from certain area in the world. If you’re a businessman that wants to tell a certain people in a certain area about your product, the geo-targeted view is the right investment for you.

How To Know If the YouTube views order is completed?

YouTube itself does not acknowledge the terms “normal”, “retention”, and “geo-targeted” view. However, YouTube does have way to measure how good your video is based on the audience retention and demography. To check whether your normal or retention view order is completed or not, you can see in your YouTube analytics reports, in the “watch time reports” menu, section “absolute audience retention report”.
The absolute audience retention is a comparison value (in percent) between the numbers of viewer at every moment of the video to the number of total views. The values from second to second are reported as a curve. You can use this curve to know which part of your video that gets the biggest view number. If your curves starts from high level then goes downwards after 5 seconds, it means that most people who watch your video only stay for 5 seconds from the beginning.
Rewinding and replaying can make the absolute retention scores more than 100% and fast-forwarding can make the absolute retention curve drops at the seconds when the video is being fast-forwarded. Therefore, if your curve is on level 100% from the beginning and from sixth to tenth second the curve go up untill 120%, it means that your video part from sixth to tenth second was rewinded by 20% of the viewers. On the other side, if your curve drops from sixth to tenth second, it means that your video part from sixth to tenth second was fast-forwarded by some viewers.
To check if your geo-targeted view order is completed, you can see in your YouTube analytics reports in the “watch time reports” menu, section “demographics report”. Use the “top locations by views” metric to see a table that shows the areas where your video got more views.

Is QQTube safe and trustworthy?

QQTube always focuses on delivering the best services. It ensures that all the views come from real persons with real accounts. QQTube does not use viewbots to complete the orders. All of the viewers have authentics YouTube accounts and and actually watch the video. They have retention up to 90% of the length of the video. Why not 100%? Because QQTube wants to make the view look real. Many people always stop watching video during the video’s credit before the video really ends. But, it’s negotiable. If you want to have retention views up to 100% the video length, you can always discuss it with the QQTube customer support.
QQTube customer support is always online to help you dealing with your problem. It always tries to deliver all of the order view immediately. However, after a certain number of views, YouTube system does not do real time update. Therefore, you need to wait at least 12 hours to see the increase in your views number.
QQTube does not only sell YouTube views, but also Youtube likes and dislikes; comments, and subscribers. All of them come from real persons without using any bots. Moreover, QQTube also sells many services related to Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Soundclound, and many others. You can check https://www.qqtube.com for the details.

Then, what are you waiting for? It is the time to get the cheapest an the most authentic YouTube view and boost up your video rank. There is no need to doubt QQTube for its services are always reliable, trustworthy, and completely not spams..

  • Anon

    Asked for a refund, got nothing but insults and cocky comments back. Incredibly rude company that doesn’t like sticking to their “100% no questions asked full refund” – They did have to refund me in the end. Picture of one of their final response on my ticket attached.

    • Jake

      wow, so you got exactly what you purchased and then requested a refund because of the 100% no questions asked full refund slogan? Are you a real dick