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Maker Partnership
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About Maker Network

The Maker network prides themselves on being “the stars and entertainers of this generation and the most original, connected, and diverse in history.” The key word in this declaration is connected, as Maker aims to connect users in a way that is beneficial to each and every member. Partnered with over 55,000 creators all over the world, Maker Partnership helps fellow innovators and artists build their digital presence.

Maker Partnership Overview

The goal of the Maker network is to collaborate and cross-promote content, in order to foster communities encouraging channel collaboration with one another. By providing the community, an internal sales team, advice and in-house merchandising departments along with other resources, Maker Partnership allows it’s network to grow and evolve together. Unlike other competitive networks, Maker encourages its users to work together to promote each other’s content and grow the community at large.

From the mouth of the horse, “Maker is the only network founded by YouTube taken with model specifically designed o serve content creator’s needs.”

Whatever Maker’s method is, it is working. It claims the fame of being the largest content network on YouTube, with over 650 million subscribers for over 60,000 creators.

Maker YouTube Networks

Maker networks cover a variety of areas including programmers, commercial and technology focused groups. These areas are further broken down to target even more specific audiences, such as a gaming and sports subheading for programmers.

Maker Gen is the main part of the Maker brand, and serve as the “launch point” into other Maker brands such as Polaris and The Platform. Essentially, this network is the starting point to make your way into a community of other creators.

The Maker website ( offers examples of each of these networks, including Maker TV and the Maker Lab, and some of the Makers in those particular communities. In fact, most of their page is dedicated to showing off other people’s work.

Maker requirements

The first step to joining the Maker network is to become an expert in your field. Whether it is fashion or technology, Maker manifests the creator in us all by giving users the opportunity and outlet to share their skills. The goal is to promote YouTube channels which offer top-quality information, service or products in a specific area of expertise.

In order to join the main MakerGen network, channels are already expected to have a large audience, word on the street is around 20K views per month, although there is no specific number listed anywhere. If you do not make the main network, there is also a subnetwork.

Remember, Maker Partnership is not a competition, it is a community.

In order to become a Maker, creators must first apply through the Maker site. Each site is considered before moving forward, in order to preserve the community and make sure it is not being abused. Once accepted, users move their YouTube channels over to the Maker Network, although each users have full creative control over all of their content, analytics, and earnings.

Maker Pay/CPM

Another benefit, or downfall depending on the client, of being a Maker is the Maker payment. While also receiving payment from YouTube, each individual Maker channel also earns money from Maker. The amount differs based on individual channels, but the goal is obviously the maximization of every chancel’s earning potential.

Generally, the split is 30/70, meaning for every $100 you make, Maker will take $30. There is also no CPM lock.


Conclusion. Is Maker Partnership good network to join?

The Maker YouTube network is a sensational and innovative way to create a community around things that people care about most, and the things people want to share. Instead of creating destructive competition, Maker has made it so that every innovator and artist out there has the chance to join a community to support their work, and a network on which to promote their online presence.

However, some members have argued that Maker Partnership is not ideal for small channels., and that it is occasionally difficulty to work within the contract they provide.

In our day and age, where the internet is saturated with endless amounts of YouTube videos and channels, Maker helps to streamline and direct viewers to those dedicated to their art. It is a great way to nurture a generation dedicated to innovation..