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Fullscreen Partnership
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What is a Fullscreen Network Partnership?

Some few years back, Fullscreen Partnership was nothing more than a subtle idea. Now, it has become one of the biggest players on YouTube with over 600 million massively engaged subscribers – and it’s still growing! This partnership is very similar or next to having a full YouTube partnership, except the fact that you normally earn from ads run by the network. The partnership differs from others because unlike other media programs, Fullscreen allows you to gain access to full features of a “Full Partner” – Custom Thumbnails, Channel Banner, and other interesting features with little hassle.

Fullscreen network partnerhsip
Fullscreen partnership network

With Fullscreen MCN one can easily monetize his or her services or promotions online with just few numbers of subscribers and with considerable number of video views. For the most part, this MCN aims to help creators grow bigger, it is less concerned with the size of the audience. That is the other reason why they have an in-house team, which identify and reach out to upcoming talent full of potential. The network also accepts applications, and the key to achieving your goals is through posting consistently, engaging with other fans, creating great content, establishing an online identity, and developing a winning a formula since all these are hallmarks of a great potential partner.

Fullscreen Partnership Requirements

At the moment, there is one main very important requirement for anyone to acquire a Fullscreen partnership, and that is creating of high quality content to your audience within your niche. Other minimal requirements are such as:

  • No copyright or community guidelines strikes.
  • Monetization is not disabled
  • And acquire like 30,000+ views per month


Ideally, the people behind the program will answer most of your email queries and show some considerable interest and help publishers acquire most of authentic experience that’s second to none. The process of linking your account with this MCN may take 1-4 weeks depending on the number of your videos which is quite long, though, worth every trial.

Carry in mind that your content should not be copyrighted. This reply comes from thread where guy asked why was he rejected :

Fullscreen Partnership Requirements
Fullscreen Partnership Requirements


Partnered Channels

Currently MCN’s general main genres, success stories and channel overviews include pop singer “Sam Tsui” with more than 830,000 subscribers and “comedy team,” which currently has more than 326,000 subscribers – a really impressive number by the way!

Fullscreen Rank via Socialblade
Fullscreen Partnership Rank via Socialblade

Even though this multi channel network boast a sum of 5,000-plus channels, its recent publicly launched “Channel Plus” seem to be taking the crowd by storm. The service has for a long time been used to privately manage channels for prominent brands and respected, global media companies such as Fox, NBC, General Electric, Cartoon Network and the AARP. In fact, across the vast multi-channel networks on YouTube, it operates more than 15,000 channels which garner more than 2.5 billions views a month. This media corporation has operated Channel Plus for two years, but has decided to go public in order to operate at its full potential and also unfold more interesting new features.


Fullscreen top YouTube channels
Fullscreen Partnership top YouTube channels

Fullscreen review

Here some opinions from people who are partnered with the network. We found these reviews on the forums and we’ll try to draw most useful and true information about it. Click the image to see details:

Fullscreen opinion
Fullscreen partnership opinion

So you see this person is pretty happy with being partnered. What other people say about it? Here is short review from user partnered with Maker and Fulscreen:

Fullscreen opinion 2
Fullscreen partnership opinion 2

We crawled a lot of forums where people express there opinions about networks. Overall people say that this is good network. See one more opinion:

Fullscreen opinion 3
Fullscreen partnership opinion 3



What is CPM and How Fullscreen Pays You

Some of the frequently raised questions are such as what is CPM? And queries about their revenue share model. CPM is actually a stat meant for advertisers – not creators. The initials stand for “cost per mile” (mille means “thousand” in Latin, which is also loosely translated as “cost per thousand”) In essence, it’s the actual amount which an advertiser pays to have his ads served against videos – 1,000 times. Each time a piece of ad runs completely on videos, is what is called an impression. The actual stat meant for creators is called RPM (revenue per thousand) – the average amount a person earns for every 1,000 monetized views, your full videos generate. Conversely, YouTube usually refers RPM as eCPM, so don’t confuse between the two.

This share model is quite flexible and easy to keep track of your earnings. Like to calculate your RPM over a specific period of time, first you’ll need to know your views and revenue earned for that particular period. For example, if your videos received a sum of 20,000 views over the past 14 days and you earned like $70 from ads during that particular time, simply calculate your anticipated RPM, divide your earnings by your monetized views, and then multiply by 1,000. In this case, your RPM would be $3.50. Please bear in mind that not all views are usually monetized, particularly views generated from mobile devices. If a low percentage of your views are monetized, your RPM would eventually become low.





In a nutshell, from how things are trending around the Fullscreen network, it seems the media corporation is full of massive potential, and it’s also growing tremendously everyday — with millions of creators and advertisers swamping its media partnership program daily. Fullscreen partnership has expanded way beyond than just working with creators.

Fullscreen Creators
Fullscreen Partnership Creators

In fact, it tries to help all creators from all levels with useful technology, which will help them maximize to their potential and earn more online and, at the same time, establish a unique way of selling better ads. So, if you are out there and think your videos are supposed to be monetized and generate more income altogether, simply make that happen by linking your videos with this partnership and see how life will become much fulfilling and pleasant everyday..

  • Ghosted

    I personally thought that signing up with a Fullscreen Partnership meant that they help you grow, no matter what state you’re in. I guess they’re approval system means that you have to already be known on youtube. After attempting to apply once and being denied (Even with a fair amount of subscribers), I will not be applying once again to their terrible system, I feel like I do not want these people to let me know what to do to my channel, even when they deny applications to possible future (famous) youtubers in need of some help.

    • albert

      i guess they also check views and copyright strikes or and community guideline violations

  • wassuh

  • md ummar

    does full screen provides any app like tubbuddy or vidiq

  • uba

    They don’t care about smaller creators. I ask any sort of question over email support or twitter and i never get a reply or at best they say they will look into it and never follow up. One time they took $20 of my monthly earnings and I tried to contact support several times as there was an issue when they paid me. Now I tried contacting them to see about my current revenue split as it’s really bad right now and they obviously had no intention in replying back. Only thing good is their website allows you to easily check earnings and stats. Couple online tools that might be of use but I don’t use often. Referrals are cool as well and you can interact with other fullscreen users in groups but it seems more like a place to just spam videos and beg for views now. Considering leaving as there’s really nothing keeping me there.


    Dear, Team

    please send me my payment date 01 to 31 march 2017 payment , your payment circle is 30 end of month payout date crosed but payment is not reflected my paypal account

    please resolve this issue ASAP.

    kindly look into the matter
    Suresh sahu
    CEO of
    Film City Complex Goregaon West Mumbai (INDIA) 400065
    Phone No +91-9820005525


    be alert don’t use this network this is totally fraud company , my outstanding my 1 march 2017 to 31 march 2017 payment $580.72 is not give me , i wanna contact fullscreen support , support team is not reply…

  • JG

    Horrible service. I don’t care if you’re a small channel or large channel, you should receive the same professional level of customer service. Did not get that with Fullscreen. Support wouldn’t reply. Won’t be back.