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Freedom Partnership
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Freedom Partnership in General

Freedom Partnership is a managed YouTube partner network. They offer a number of services to help you to grow your own YouTube channel and expand your revenue. These services included a variety of copyrighted music that you have access to, banner and logo design and help building your network. You are offered 60%-40% split on your revenue from your channel. They will take 40% and pay 60% to you. There are a number of small fees for use of the copyrighted music and other services.

Freedom Requirements

  • You are required to have at least 33 views per day
  • At least 1000 views per month of videos on your channel
  • No copyright strikes or other infringements against your channel
  • The main requirement is no copyright infringements. If you pass this you are likely to be accepted to Freedom.

Preferred Channels

Freedom Partnership is very popular with gaming channels but they will happily accept any channel from beauty to vlogs and anything else in between. As long as you meet the minimum requirements they should accept you. The point of Freedom is to be a technology partner network that offers resources to all different types of YouTube channels.

As to Freedom website here how they demand from partnered channel:

Freedom partnership requirements
Freedom partnership requirements


How does Freedom Partnership differ from other partner networks?

Freedom Partnership does not deduct tax upfront. All the money you make is paid directly to you and you pay your own tax. The majority of partner networks deduct tax before payment is made.

They offer a 60% – 40% split which is higher than a number of other partner networks. If you promote your channel yourself and load a number of videos in a month you will receive points. These points can be used to pay you up to 110% revenue on a chosen month. This is not offered by any other partner network.

They will offer a partnership to fairly new channels. All you need is 1000 views per month, 33 views per day and no strikes against you. This allows new users to receive all the benefits of a partner network. The majority of partner networks require you to be a big channel with 1000s of followers in order to apply for partnership.

No contracts. You can leave Freedom whenever you want to as long as you give one months’ notice.

Freedom Partnership Review

Like all the other networks Freedom deals with a lo of people both teenagers and adult. Some like it, some hate it. When it comes to reviews you can find both good and bad opinions. Anyway after we made huge survey we didn’t manage to find anything that proofs freedom network is a scam. We decided to draw some opinions about this partnership for you. So here they come:

Freedom positive opinion
Freedom positive opinion

As you see this guy is totally happy with the network he joined. There are a lot of such people on the internet. Number of negative reviews is much lesser but anyone there are. Here is example of such a negative opinion:

Freedom partnership negative opinion
Freedom partnership negative opinion


Freedom Network

Main Genres

Freedom is predominately a gaming network. The majority of channels feature Minecraft, Angry Birds and a few virtual life games. The network does cater for other channels and you will find a few DIY, music and vlog channels. The system works well for gaming and the majority of users in the forums post gaming channels.

Freedom YouTube Payments and Earnings

  • Freedom offers a 60% – 40% revenue split. You get 60% of the revenue paid out to your channel by YouTube. They take 40% in order to pay for the services they offer.
  • If you load a large amount of content and your channel is growing you will be offered bonus points. These can be used to increase your % of the payout in any given month. The points can be used to claim up to 110% of your revenue earnings.
  • Users have complained about small fees being taken off their revenue such $5 for use of copyrighted music. This may not matter to big, profitable channels but it will hit the small guys.

Average CPM on Freedom Partnership

This will really depend on your channel. The money tends to go to the big sites and although using a network, like Freedom will help your channel to grow, you will still need to put in lots of work to see any revenue. The average CPM on Freedom Partnership last year was $7.07.

Freedom Partnership Good or Bad?

Freedom is a great network for people starting out on YouTube but you can get a lot higher revenue from other partner networks. The big advantage of Freedom Partnership is that you don’t need a contract, so you can leave them at any point. The pay rate does appear to be rather slow on Freedom and some people have waited months for payment leading them to call the whole thing a scam. You will wait two months after signing up before you receive any payment from Freedom Partnership. You have to post a large amount of content to get the 110% payment and this will not occur every month so don’t be fooled by the adverts. In all it is a great network and they are still ironing out a few issues.

Connect to Freedom


  • I’ve been a Freedom! Partner since September of 2014 and my experiences have always been good. Whenever I have an issue, someone from the Freedom! community usually helps me. When the Freedom! community may not know the answer I need, Freedom! Support is also very helpful.

    I am very thankful to be a part of the Freedom! community as a Freedom! Partner. As such, I have a plethora of resources, advice and a huge community of other content creators who are glad to help when I have a question, need constructive feedback on my YouTube channel and who I am also able to offer my help to as well – all because I am a Freedom! Partner. The CEO and Founder of Freedom! even makes daily videos where he offers advice, reviews and responds to comments and spotlights channels – a great demonstration of how awesome and caring Freedom! is for the content creators, all of us!

    My encouragement to anyone looking to join a good, solid network to apply for Freedom! Partnership today. Above here you find the requirements and that they are very reasonable – essentially be compliant with the YouTube rule and you can be accepted.

    Helix Brightstar

    • BEST OFF

      Merci pour cet info c’est ma chaine youtube est suspendu le 31/12/2016 que ce que se passe
      pour les revenus du mois 11

      • Je suis désolé d’apprendre que votre compte a été suspendu. Veuillez envoyer un courriel à Freedom Support à l’adresse et lui expliquer votre situation. Assurez-vous d’inclure le lien vers votre chaîne YouTube et votre code d’accès à la liberté afin d’accélérer les choses. Ils devraient être en mesure de vous aider à obtenir les réponses dont vous avez besoin.

      • Veuillez envoyer un courriel à Freedom Support à et ils pourront répondre à cette question pour vous.

  • Amanda B Mendoza

    I’m curious to know how you opt out of this, if you find this does not fit what you want after you try it.