Creative Nation Partnership

Creative Nation Partnership
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Creative Nation Partnership

Many youtubers would have heard of the Multi Channel Network (MCN) called Creative Nation that operates on Youtube. It’s founded by Shane Corry and based in Ireland. Many people have been availing themselves of the popularity of the network and its 90/10 offering to those using their platforms to promote their videos.

Creative Nation Partnership Website
Creative Nation Partnership Website

We now ask if creative nation is a good or bad network to join. Creative Nation is a network that does not fail to pay its users. They not only pay, but actually pay at the right time. It is an easy to use network without any form of ambiguity. For the sake of improving your business, they grant you access to several music and effects which you can use on your videos royalty free.

Their 90/10 share ratio is one of the highest in the market and one that they do not fail to provide. They are truthful to the ratio and has not failed to pay it as at when due. They also give you good analysis of your channel and also has a forum where you can get answers to your needs.

Creative Nation is a good network that takes your care to heart. They have good offers on their network to share and also a decent share ratio.

CNation Network Connects Creative People

You Tube networks are a great way for people to connect and create. Creative Nation Network does exactly that, connecting like minded individuals for all kinds of interesting projects. From bicycle designers to video game creators, the possibilities are endless.

Creative Nation offers free exposure to network partners by doing spotlight videos on them. The network Manager offers some good tips and advice to each partner on growing their individual You Tube channels. From using specific keywords for their videos to mentioning certain things in them, the advice is sound and reasonable.

Creative Nation Network Rank via Socialblade
Creative Nation Networks Rank via Socialblade

You Tube Creative Nation Network also offers partners the chance to enter competitions and earn great exposure to their skills and talents. This can only lead to some positive things, such as more work and projects. The competitions also seem like a lot of fun.

Young creators could do themselves a good favor by checking out the Creative Nation Network on You Tube.

CN Is A Great Network To Enhance Revenue / Summary

The creative nation payment system is very fair. The 90/10 revenue share is something that you can definitely enjoy. It makes sense to pay attention to the fact that you need to give Creative Nation a thirty day notice when you want to leave Creative Nation. A number of people are going to be extremely happy with the way that you can grow your YouTube channel on this network.

Bigger channels and smaller channels are treated in a similar fashion. The number of subscribers can have an impact on the creative nation payment system. The company should be very happy with their customer service team. A doctor that is looking to land new patients for their practice can certainly use Creative Nation in order to draw in via a YouTube channel. A well produced video where people can highlight the benefits of their practice can make a difference. The best networks also make it easier to upload videos, not just enhance revenue.




  • Nick

    I think that’s a great network! Especially its payment system. Thumbs up!

    • saruman


  • Generar

    This is a network that steals your money, do not recommend it, because your work stolen in the channel

  • winaaaaa

    Creative Nations now doesn’t even let people leave the network,
    You are just stuck at their shit forever because the contract says you need their permission to leave them …

  • Thiện Nhân Channel (Chị Thiện

    I do not want to participate in creative nation, please reply to this message, help me get rid of creative nation. please

    • Maxx Payne


  • Maxx Payne


  • Maxx Payne

    creative nation are frauds dont ever make a partner with with

  • Cody Halfpenny

    OK every partnership i apply for everyone says there frauds… i think you guys are just not used to getting a half cut if not nore

  • James

    Creative nation still stealing my money

  • Geralt Rivia

    Haven’t been paid in months.

  • hoanglong

    lũ chó nhà chúng mày sao không thanh toán tiền cho đối tác – con mẹ chúng mày lừa đảo người ta – chúng mày lấy những đồng tiền đó mà ăn thì cũng ở với quỷ thôi .hãy thanh toán ngay cho tao

  • hoanglong

    Your dog does not pay for your partner – your mother deceives people – you take that money and eat it with the devil too. Please pay me

  • Coin & Currency Collector

    I do not know about you all but personally I have not done youtube but if I did and I went with a bad company that was not paying me and would not let me leave I would copy all my videos since they still are your content and start a brand new channel and leave the other channel set and never add another video to it then I would find another good partner and upload all my old videos if anyone comments they have seen your videos before I would just tell them why you had make another channel because of a bad partnership