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Bent Pixels Partnership
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Bent Pixels Partnership

Bent Pixels YouTube Partnership – Is It Worth It?

In order to maximize their reach and influence, a lot of video creators these days are partnering with multi-channel networks or MCNs. If you are not that familiar with multi-channel networks, these are online entities that affiliate themselves with more than one YouTube channels and creators. Suffice it to say that Bent Pixels is one of them. Since its inception in 2009, Bent Pixels has helped content creators and brands grow their online audience, monetize their videos, and effectively utilize YouTube as a marketing platform. As of this writing, Bent Pixels manages over 13,000 partners that generate more than 600 million views a month from YouTube alone. The company also regularly works with leading brands like Funimation, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Shaq Entertainment, and College Humor.


BentPixels Review

What differentiates Bent Pixels from other multi-channel?

Bentpixels follows what it calls the 1 Platform: 3 Modules system. If you partner with the company, you will be using a single platform but you will be receiving all the benefits from the three modules. These three modules are Rights Management, MCN Administration, and Audience Development. Every piece of content you create is yours and you own all the rights. What Bent Pixels does is manage the content and your rights to them. This way, you can focus on creating your best possible content while Bent Pixels take care of the legal and technical stuff. The company also offers you all the tools you need to manage your videos. These include applications and analytics software that you can use to grow and scale your business. And finally, once you are a partner, you gain full access to the company’s locator and optimizer programs.

Like most multi-channel networks, Bent Pixels focuses its attention on three major niches namely gaming channels, comedy channels, and hip-hop channels. With that said, if you create videos that fall on any of these niches, then you have better chances of being accepted into the company’s YouTube partnership program. The company also makes it easy for content creators to apply by dividing the applications based on video categories. Potential partners who make gaming videos apply through Vultra while those who make hip-hop videos apply through Konzole Kings. The rest may apply directly using the Bent Pixels website. Applicants need not worry about possible conflicts of interest because Bent Pixels is a certified YouTube and the two have worked closely since 2010.
Based on the three main niches mentioned above, it’s obvious that Bent Pixels prefer content creators who make videos related to gaming, comedy, and hip-hop culture. If you make videos of these nature, how should you go about with the application process and what are the minimum requirements? Well, the company don’t explicitly mention any minimum requirements. In the application process, you will be asked to provide information and statistics about your channel. You will also be asked to provide your name, email address, and location. You then have to connect your YouTube account with Bent Pixels. The company’s staff will then review your channel and determine if it’s a right fit for the network. If your channel is accepted, you should receive a confirmation email within the next 36 hours.


BentPixels Earnings and Payment

As to compensation, Bent Pixels doesn’t quote specific CPMs. However, creators who partner with the company can receive up to 90% of the revenue that their videos generate. This is high compared to other multi-channel networks. Additionally, the company came up with an affiliate program wherein partners can earn commissions by recruiting other creators to join the network. This is not to mention the branded content revenue opportunities for partners who consistently publish high quality videos. Partners are paid every month via PayPal.

Is BentPixels good network to join?

When everything’s been said and done, Bent Pixels is a professional network that really cares about the welfare of its partners. It follows a very simple platform with three modules that enable content creators to get the most out of their YouTube videos. They have all the tools you need to monetize your content, promote it to the right audience, and grow your revenue streams. The services of the company allow creators to focus on creating good content and not worry about whether people will be seeing these or not. And of course, there’s the fact that Bent Pixels pay their partners up to 90% of the revenue generated by videos in their network. In conclusion, Bent Pixels is worth it.


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    I do not know about you all but myself personally I have not done youtube but if I did and I went with a bad company that was not paying me and would not let me leave I would copy all my videos since they still are your content and start a brand new channel and leave the other channel set and never add another video to it then I would find another good partner and upload all my old videos if anyone comments they have seen your videos before I would just tell them why you had make another channel because of a bad partnership

  • Clayton

    Have requested to be unlinked almost 3 months ago. Due to them scamming us out of our monthly revenue. I have asked 3 times now and they still will not release me. DO NOT GO WITH BENT PIXELS. THEY WILL SCAM YOU