YouTube Partnership Networks Reviews

Since 2012, we’ve tried and assessed more than 100 MCNs offering YouTube partnership. Among the greater part of the rotten ones, there are a lot of extraordinary organizations out there. We’ve appraised them in light of more than 15 components to verify you get the best choice at the best cost.

Avid YouTubers who post a variety of content ranging from vlogs to music to beauty how-tos are becoming more and more interested in being able to monetize their content and work. After all, why not get paid for doing something you enjoy when it is so simple and easy? The most common way of generating revenue off of your work on YouTube is through YouTube partnerships and partnership networks.

What is a YouTube partnership network?

A YouTube partnership network is essentially an affiliation with more than one YouTube channel used to mutually benefit content creators through funding, promotion, management, audience development, and more. It offers access to a multitude of resources, a revenue for doing something you love, and you get to be your own boss!

How can I monetize my YouTube channel?

There are a variety of ways to make money off your YouTube account. The most popular and effective way to do this often through a partnership whether it be directly through the YouTube Partnership or through a network. In this form of monetization, ads are placed in your video as well as directly next to your video on the site. Many networks pay per 1000 monetized views on your videos and at a decent rate depending on which network your look to pursue.

While partnerships tend to be great ways to monetize your YouTube channel, there are other means as well. One such means is affiliating with either a product or business and directly promoting their products or services through your video. Affiliations can be powerful tools for not only monetizing, but also possibly marketing. Additionally, you can move to a “freemium model”. In this style of YouTubing, you post a sizable amount of engaging content then close off other exclusive content that must be paid for to gain access to on your own personal webpage.

How do I become a YouTube partner?

If you are looking to become an individual YouTube partner directly through the YouTube Partner program there is a very simple process to begin monetizing your videos:

  1. Check to make sure that your channel and videos qualify for partnership. These qualifications include making sure the video was launched in your country, channel hasn’t previously been blocked from monetization, and the uploads comply with all YouTube terms and is all original and high quality content.
  2. Go to “Settings” under your account then click the “Monetization” tab.
  3. Enable your account by hitting the button. Note that you will only be able to do this is you are in good standing.
  4. Go to your Video Manager then select the videos you’d like to monetize.
  5. Open the “Actions” menu and click the “monetize” option
  6. You can confirm or change the formats of the ads you would like to enable for these videos and then specify that your videos contain paid placement of these ads.
  7. Activate your Google AdSense account and start making money!

YouTube Partnership via a Network

With all the networks out there it can be hard to choose which one is good for you or which is the best option to go with. A YouTube partnership is basically when you and a channel team up together. With their help you’re able to get more views and really put yourself out there.

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Here ate top 5 Networks according to us

Fullscreen Parnership

Creative Nation

RPM Partnership

Freedom Partnership

BentPixels Partnership